Brown resigns

general thought 4 me is good riddance to a complete moron with no chin !

please let a lib /lab gov happen ! thoughts please!:w00t:

i follow politics here in the united states and have heard of this guy a couple of times. to me it sounded like he was a piece. i heard your parliament is split though, wiht either party holding a larger enough majority to pass legislation. i hope things are the way you want there, here in the states it seems everything thats politics touch turns to crap , and that goes for both our parties

Agreed the guy is a mug! Labour might of got more votes if that fool was not at the helm.

Well I voted liberal as Blair turned me against labour for oh so many reasons - but if Clegg goes to bed with Cameron I will demand my vote back and I would expect most of his party who are actually concerned about people than lining their own pockets will be disgusted too

if that happens ill be straight to lib dems office in london ! can ne 1 say protest!

i voted 4 them in good faith to change the status quo !:crazy:

Yeah i want lib dems to win but NOT the tory c*nts. In fact even though i dont want labour in power, i’d still rather them than tory !!!(conservative to all that don’t know)