BT is a freakin’ genius!!! I’d love to make tracks like him and have always looked up to him. I specially like all the detail he does with vocals. Maybe VOCALS should be it’s own topic and BT should be a separate one.

[url]BT - Somnambulist (Official Music Video) - YouTube

[url]BT - Suddenly - YouTube

[url]- YouTube

Brian programs all of his beats/synths using binary and code. He’s a software engineer to boot. I think it might be virtually impossible to imitate his sound as he’s also a classically trained musician. The dude is a genius like you say, but with that being said… I think tutorials though on getting that super stutter and layering that he does might be possible. But to sound like… :cool: I think that’s why some people make the big bucks, and others just sell records.


Agree with Raymond. I mean it would be nice to know how certain guys do it, but alot of it comes down to working hard, learning music theory etc. We can’t expect the SA to be able to be able to imitate everybodys sound.

No offence to OP just I feel some people on here think the SA team can do everything

i would like to see them go into the music thoery behind some of bts tracks and some other producers, maybe with midi files and an explanation on how/why it works etc

I’m with ekko on this one.

i think if we not only focus on how to sound like. we should be able to learn Music Theory , Music Apreciation composition , sound ingenieering etc.

BT was like us before and with experience and dedication he became the artist that he is right now . so i think that everyone should always keep be openminded .

i think