Buffering Issues with tutorial videos!


New subscriber here. Loving the content and learning some really interesting new workflows for getting the music from my head to the speakers. When I can watch them that is…

First couple of days were fine, but now I just cant seem to get through more than about 30 sec of video without it stuttering and pausing. All my other streaming services work just fine so I know it isn’t my connection.

Help please! I love the site and content, but the buffering is annoying the hell out of me!!

Thanks in advance,


Ok, Don’t worry… Delete this post if needed. Reintalled flash, set all permissions etc… Then thought I’d double check connection speed. abysmal… lol

Off to phone the net provider and give them a stern talking to…

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Hi there @ianladd

Under what OS ( Mac / Win ?? ) and which Web browser are you using ? Have you try to use another browser to see if it’s the same ? Next to connection speed, it can also come to GPU & video card performances. But my firs advice would be to try another Web browser if you are sure about your connection speed settings. You can also try to modify the playback quality from the video settings from the player window.

Was just replying to you :smile: but I can now read that you sorted this out and identified the issue.
Hope you’ll get a decent connection speed back soon and thanks for updating the request btw.

Will now check this one solved, no need to delete it.

Hope you’ll get the most out of the courses on Sonic Academy as soon as those speed issues will be fixed by your ISP.

Thanks for the prompt support anyway! Back on high speed and working my way through the ‘Alien Eyes’ tutorial.