Bug? All my user clicks have been moved from their subfolders into one folder

Long story short, I’ve been pretty inactive for a year or two and aloof to updates. Within the last week or so I updated kick and found that most of my clicks/layering sounds were not where I left them. I’d had a custom folder structure with several different subfolders of kicks. So it would look like:

Clicks > User > [Foley sounds/BD Layers/Reverbs/Textures/etc.]

After updating those subfolders are largely empty and my folder layout looks like this
Clicks > User > User Clicks > 1000+ samples that had previously been organized.

Some small number of samples are still in their original folders, and I’m guessing those must be the ones that I’d saved into my own presets. I can’t say with absolute certainty that it was the update that caused it, but I definitely didn’t move them myself.

  • Would you know what version you were using before installing latest v1.1.7 ?

Although, I’m not sure if that’s resulting from the update.

→ Where those files Kicks Presets or Clicks audio files ?

Both User Kicks Presets and Clicks are getting saved in a different folder, you can have custom sub-folders inside those main folders for both the User Presets and User Clicks.

If the files remaining in place after the update are .preset files then you’re right about those files being the presets you previously saved using the save as feature within KICK 2.

Kick 2 Menu-User Folders

Hi. I can’t say with total certainty which version I was on, but I try to keep a folder with my last couple installers for all my plugins and 1.14 was the last version in there.

They were click audio files. This:

was a typo. It was supposed to be “clicks”. The handful of files left behind in their original folders are just plain old audio files. Each of the ten or so folders has just one 1-4 of their files still in there. Very weird.

At any rate, while I was digging for my old installers I found that I’d backed up my user clicks folders in cloud storage. Lucky! Problem solved.

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Thanks for your reply and update on this :wink:

Ah yeah, keeping a backup is always a good thing as a safety net, good point and happy to read it’s now sorted on your end :+1:

But yeah, this is still a weird one TBH, might try to replicate a similar scenario at some point to check if this could be an issue with files structure or the installer.

Haven’t tested what’s happening with an update or installing KICK 2 again yet, but with current installation ( testing on a mac here ) :

  • Sub-Folders for Clicks audio files placed in the Clicks/User/User Clicks folder won’t show up inside KICK 2 clicks slots browser when you’re trying to load clicks.

Now if you place those Clicks sub-folders in Clicks/User rather than Clicks/User/User Clicks your sub-folders will appear in the browser.

If you save a KICK Preset using custom clicks loaded from those sub-folders using “save as”, the preset will be correctly recalled with the correct click file next time you open KICK 2.

If no sub-folders are created, the clicks audio files are saved in the Clicks/User/User Clicks folder, creating sub-folders in there and saving your Presets seems to work as well, but you can’t see those sub-folders in the browser, so that’s not convenient if you’re creating a new kick and want to load your own Clicks audio files that you’ve organized within Sub-Folders.

So 1st conclusion would be to make sure to place your custom Clicks files in Sub-Folders located in /Library/Application Support/Sonic Academy/Kick 2/Clicks/User ( full path on Mac OS )

Under Windows that would be C:/ProgramData/Sonic Academy/Kick 2/Clicks/User

I would expect an update or reinstalling on top of a current install to not overwrite this, but haven’t tested this yet.

Wait, really? That’s strange. It works okay for me, aside from the fact that the samples are in that subfolder at all.

Right. That’s how I had it set up. Having a User Clicks subfolder inside a Clicks/User/ subfolder seems a bit redundant to me. Just an extra click.

In a few hours when I have time I’ll try replacing my user clicks folder with the backup folder structure that’s all sorted and then roll back and re-update and see what happens. I’ll let you know.

Yes, that works for me as well with the samples themselves, but if I create a sub-folder in User/User Clicks, this sub-folder doesn’t show up inside the browser on my end.

Have just reinstalled KICK 2 v1.1.7 on top of my current installation here and the file structure is the same, so no change after reinstalling. That said, it could have been something between a previous version and a more recent release, not sure.