BUG: ANA 2.5 Ableton (press SpaceBar change the Preset in ANA2)

When I press spacebar on my keyboard what acts as play in Ableton ANA2 changes the preset.
If I click play with the mouse it keep the preset.
See video:

Hi there,

Seems to be likely that there’s a MIDI CC assignment registered to the keyboard Space Bar and as a result the preset appears as “modified” ( with the ’ * ’ asterix symbol ), it won’t change preset since there’s no Midi Presets change implementation inside ANA 2.

If you close the Presets Browser and check the synth UI rather, try to see what setting is resetting to default each time you press the Space Bar, once you’ve pin point this, right click on this setting and it’s likely that there will be a MIDI CC value in there, if you remove it then it should fix this.

Can’t see the main synth panel on your video, so could be something else, but I guess that would be the issue here.

Here’s an example of this with the Filter Cutoff knob

Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 11.32.09

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Thanks for your fast reply.
I am surprised because I never activate Midi Learning and now 12 different parameters was linked to CC: 123.
Let’s see if it works from now.
I saved now a empty Midi Mapping XML File that I can load if it happens again.

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You’re pressing that Space Bar too many times, ANA 2 likes it better when the music flows … :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Naaah… Just kidding of course, it’s my mid week break out, don’t pay attention please :sunglasses:

OK, cool ! Happy to hear you’ve sorted this out at your end :+1: 12… weird though.

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