Bugs in flstudio

ok… just purchased ANA

I am using flstudio producer 10

  1. when i am playing more than 3 notes at once my audio becomes very choppy, and cuts out
  2. huge cpu spike when scrolling through categories etc
  3. huge cpu spikes and sound glitches when trying to do any editing in the g envelope whatsoever
  4. the mod wheel doesn’t respond to mouse clicking etc… therefore I am unable to assign it to the modwheel on my midi controller.
  5. notes hang when tweaking the effects… and there actually seems to be a latency introduced…
  6. all kinds of strange cpu spikes and sound cut outs just when attempting tweak various knobs etc… not even sure whats going on when all of that happens

    i was really hoping for a simple easy to use clean sounding synth for my productions… the performance is very very diappointing…

    do you guys do refunds ?

We have Fixed a GUI bug that was causing slowness on some computers… hopefully this will sort out a majority of your issues.

Hopefully have a patch soon.