Building My Home Studio

Hi guys, sorry if this is in the wrong place but I have just registered today and am just getting used to the forum…

Basically after 5 years of DJing I have decided I want to attempt music production. I have been using Ableton Live 8 for a couple of years for making edits/dj mashups for my sets, so i have a basic understanding of Live. My current ‘studio’ set up consists of a 15" Mac Book Pro, KRK RP5 & a AKAI LPK 25. I currently have my monitors running straight into the headphone jack of my Mac, and I was just wondering how much difference an audio interface would make? Is it really necessary for my needs at the moment?


I am going to go with, no - you probably don’t need an audo interface at the moment.

If you want to record sounds it would be a really good idea, but if you are in the box it can wait.

Thanks for the reply mate, ok cool yeah I am planning on doing everything in the box for the moment at least, so thats helpful.

yeah agree… mac do a decent built in soundcard.

if you are planning on upgrading in the future take a look at the focusrite stuff… great sound quality and drivers.

Welcome Dave. Good to see you here as well :wink:

And I have to go with the experts as well. No need for a soundcard yet.

thanks for all the replys guys, nice to see a forum with nice friendly people haha! I have lots of silly questions to ask around music production, so please bare with me! Looks like I can learn a lot in this place…

With silly questions you will fit in perfectly round here :wink:

even if you got a soundcard, the KRK Rokit 5s aren’t precise enough speakers to show the upgrade in sonic quality.