Buy ANA?

HI everyone, I was wondering if it’s still possible to buy ANA v1?. I’m actually interested in buying both but I see that ANA v1 preset packs don’t work with v2.


Hi @lowski1

ANA v1 is now a discontinued product, so it’s not possible to purchase it anymore and yes, the presets for ANA v1 are different products that won’t be compatible with ANA 2.

Bear in mind that ANA 2 is a completely new soft synth development product, it’s not a simple ANA 1 upgrade but a new instruments with a lot more features & improvements.

Since ANA 2 started, many presets packs have been crafted to get you cover in many genres and there will be more to come. At this time there’s already 7 presets pack and also an Ultimate bundle presets that will include the first 6 packs ( just the latest Synthwave presets pack is not part of the bundle ).

So right now, you really do not need to have both ANA v1 & ANA 2 since many genres have been recreated in new presets packs for ANA 2.

Already existing owners of ANA v1 are eligible for a discount on ANA 2 and they can still purchase ANA v1 specifics packs of course, that’s why those are still available on the site. But right now it’s not possible to buy ANA v1 anymore.

On this page you’ll find all up to date Presets Packs for ANA 2 at the moment, and as a reminder there’s a 20% off on all products going on until the end of January :wink:

If it is a discontinued product would you consider offering it for free ? … as a teaser version for ANA 2 ? …just asking. I was looking for the purchase link for ANA and didnt find it. I have some friends who want to buy that just because they want to use the presets ive made over the years. Or if i give them my license file would it be ok ?

Hey @Namete80

I think that is/was subject to a talk inside S.A team, remembering having read something like “making ANA available for purchase again” on the FB Discussion Group, since it was requested there too. Can’t tell you what will be decide for ANA at this point and really not sure if this synth should become a free product, it might be the first version but it’s a damn good softsynth too IMO :slight_smile:

Maybe @phil_johnston & @bryan_spence could let us know more about what will be decide for ANA in the future, I know that many users would love to see it back on sale.

One thing that I agree with you is that it`s a damn good synth :slight_smile:

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