Buying software and avoiding tax!

Im looking into buying a few soft synths and have noticed that if i specify my location as being in the states I do not have to pay the UK VAT which they add on top of the final fee.

Just curious to knowing if there is anything stopping me doing this? Apart from the fact that it is illegal :slight_smile:

As the synths will be delivered via download I cant see what difference this would make apart from saving on the VAT?

apart from the fact that your details will be from a uk credit card or paypal account. i’ve done this before anf thought i got away with it only to get a tax bill through the door a month later.

best thing you can do is get someone you trust in the states to buy it for you register it in your name and you pay them

ha, no problem

Thought it could’nt be as easy as that.


Im glad I dont have that tax! :smiley:

I know this guy in Nigeria that could help - he’s currently helping me transfer over $500000000000000000 in unclaimed money, all I had to do was re-mortgage the house and send it to him as collateral :slight_smile:

Hi I’m John - First post here… Based down in Dublin.

Check out Dont Crack -

They dont have everything… but they do have PSP / Sonalksis / Camel Audio & Sonnox.

Its based in Canada - They say: Prices exclude local taxes. Taxes only apply to Canadian residents.Prices exclude local taxes. Taxes only apply to Canadian residents.


Got these conversions from XE Guys - So they’re ballpark.


For example - The PSP Vintage Warmer is $135.

Its $149 on the PSP w/site. The with Sneak Tax at the end, its $177 = €139 / £108

With Dont Crack, it works out €97 / £83.

No sign of any Taxes. I’ve been right through to the payment screen & there is nothing, nothing, nothing.

Decent saving.

I’m going to use it in the next few wks… so I’ll post back when I do, but definitely check it out!!

Hi Guys,

Just to let you know about this…

I bought the PSP Vintage Warmer from Dont Crack - Didnt pay any Tax.

Worked out at about €99.

Well worth checking out. Grab yourself a bargain!

or you could just move to the United States! :wink:

Nah… Dont want to get all my stuff nicked Howie! Hahaha! :smiley: :wink: