Buying some monitors and need advice!

I am buying some studio monitors for the first time (upgrading from my old ****ty hi-fi speaker) and have whittled it down to these three:

M-Audio Studiophile BX8a Deluxe

Mackie MR5


As you can see, my budget is in the £250-£300 range. I am making mainly electro and downbeat stuff, and my room is tiny (roughly 3m X 3m). I’m going to take a CD down to the shop to have a listen with different tracks on, but would really appreciate any advice people might have on here. Are these three in the right ball park do you think, considering my music and room size? Are there any models I’ve missed completely that you might recommend? Would there be any point in waiting for a bigger speaker size? Etc etc.

Cheers in advance for this - I’ve been saving for a while now and am pretty excited! It was this or DCAM Synth Squad, and I’ve decided that a good pair of monitors is probably more important at this stage…


I have them.

They are VERY highly rated.

The best product for the money.

Most of the time, cheaper then anything else.

the bx8’s will be far too big for the size of the room

the krk’s are very popular

try out the yamaha hs50’s if you can - they sound great and you can switch them to sound the same as the classic ns10’s

everyone hear’s differently though, so what sounds great for me might sound bad for you. you need to be happy with them as a product, not where they stand in the grand pissing contest. in this months futuremusic, claude von stroke comments that he prefers his (much cheaper) yamaha speakers to his mackie 824’s

hope that helps :slight_smile:

I would go for the KrK, they will be fine. they are not a super good pair of monitors but they are still probably the better sounding ones in the price range.

The M-audio Deluxe 8a are really good sounding pair of monitors for the price but as already stated they are to big for your room.

For your budget Future Music has in their monitor gear chart sitting in at number 4 out of 10 is the Samson Rubicon R5A which you can pick up from £254

[url= samson rubicon r5a - Google Shopping][/url]

Their review:

“Trustworthy for reference monitoring but priced at an unbelievable level. Get some in.”

However if you had £2500 then the Event Opals are the bad boys you’ll be wanting :wink:

Cheers everyone - after reading your comments and listening to the ones in the shop, I went for the KRK’s in the end. I couldn’t believe the difference it made listening to my own tracks when I got back home on them! Its definitely opened my eyes (or ears even) to how badly I was leveling things on my old crappy stereo speakers. Very chuffed! :slight_smile:

I own yamaha ns-10 and krk rp5 and used to own yamaha hs50m

krk are my favorits :slight_smile: just make sure to increase the bass level on your mixes because krks tend to color the bottoms and make them sound fuller than what they actually are:)

Apart from that the high frequencies translate very well for me :slight_smile: :smiley:

PS: use your old Hi-Fi as second ref to test your mixdowns


i can suggest you also the Krk monitors!

very good sound!


Well, after a couple of days getting settled into them, I’m really chuffed with the KRK’s. I’ve been going through all my tracks and realising how much I’ve been off with leveling, EQing and so on.

Good idea by the way to use the old stereo for comparing final mixes with - cheers!

I have a pair of RP6 G2s on order. Looking forward to having the same experience as you listening to my tracks on them when they arrive! Plus being able to move my stereo back to the living room :slight_smile:

the only advise i would give when reading reviews for monitors is take note of how many adverts the company has with the mag that month as that will no doubt hold a bearing on the review