Buying your 1st synth

I decided to save a bit of cash and get my first hardware synth in a couple o month, from my research so far the Virus TI stands out the most, the intergration between hardware and software looks great.

Never used a hardware synth before so does anyone know what I need to hook it up or are they USB or what? I’m running windows 7 64 with an NI Audio Knotrol 1.

Also has anyone used the virus or other synths? Is a hard ware synth worth the money???

I got my virus ti2 desktop about 2 months ago and love it, it is almost all I use now apart from Rob Papen’s Blue.

I am not a tech head at all but it was easy to set up via one usb lead, only had one problem with it and that was because I had ableton set up wrong but I emailed access and they sent me replys within 20 minutes of my emails(at a weekend aswell) and give me very clear instructions of what I needed to do. Easy the best customer support I have come across.

And the sound out of it is so much more fuller than a vst, I do know there abit of cash but trust me there worth every penny if not more!


Depends on what you want dude. What do you want to make with it? I have a Doepfer Dark Energy, and a Prophet 08. Two unreal synths, with the Prophet 08 arguably the best synth ever made. Like I said, it depends on alot of things along with your budget.

budget is about £1.5k I’d say, and its mainly trance I do so something crisp and clean sounding as well as fat. I like the software intergration of the virus and havent seen one hands on, I’m just back from my local music shop and tried a few but no virus in stock or on disply :frowning:

IMO u can do any type of sound in any Synthesizer .

I dont know how much is the Moog Voyager but I heard have really nice Filters plus got nice LED lights hehehee /.

If I had that kinda money I would go down the modular root - but thats just me though I am seriously thinking about this:_



Doepfer Dark Energy

Gofunk for what I hear the TI is the best for trance. I’m pretty sure you make trance…

Straight out of a good friend of mine who is a big-time trance producer…

“The Virus TI is the only hardware synth I own… and its the only one I need.”

Virus TI & Soft Synths is all he uses.

I havnt got mine yet because I havnt had the scratch for it… but its on the list.

Moog Little Fatty Makes Some Fat Sounds

alright…here is the scoop. doepfer dark energy (I have one). Great for leads and bass. It’s semi modular so it might be a bit more confusing for you. If you do trance, a little phatty or moog voyager is NOT the ideal solution, although both are amazing. I do agree that a Virus would be right up your alley. Searing leads and that trancey sound are its greatest assets. A prophet would be great for you as well and might be just as good as the virus. It has LUSH pads, makes amazing chords, and the mods are amazing. I’m not putting down anything, but the Moog stuff is monophonic. Thats not what you need for a good all around trance synth. However, be forewarned, the warm sounds come at a price and possible major frustration. Routing can be super frustrating if you dont know what you are doing.

And just for the record, I would not get a virus. something about paying all that money for a virtual analog synth is not for me. sorry.

Prophet 08 = 100% analog signal path.

[quote]howiegroove (19/09/2010)[hr]And just for the record, I would not get a virus. something about paying all that money for a virtual analog synth is not for me. sorry.[/quote]

That kinda put me off too! But I’ve never heard a bad word about it so very tempted, that other synth you mentioned, the prophet, for trance sounds good. I’m gonna have a look into that too :slight_smile:

The Prophet & The Virus are definitely the 2 to look at. To my ears the Virus sounds a little warmer, and having it as a (visual) plugin put it over the edge for me and that is why it is my goto synth for every project. The built in effects are top notch and the new distortions can get any sound to cut thru a mix. If you haven’t yet watched the video tutorials on the support page on the Access website, do so to see what it can do. For the Prophet - I think Sonic State have done a video review of it.

The only downsides for me have been some instability issues in earlier updates. But the latest seems to be working smoothly.:satisfied:

Good luck.

Im gonna go out on a limb and tell you that Access gets its warmth from its chorus and effects where thats not the case on the Prophet. No garbage there, just straight analog goodness. Add your chorus afterwards if you want in the box or whatever, but not in the synth. Just my opinion.

here is the link to the Prophet 8 review.

Prophet '08 Review by Inside Synthesis - Part 1 - YouTube

The link to part 2 is on the side.