BX8 Studiophile

Could anyone tell me the type of transformer used in the M-Audio BX8 Studiophile Monitors and were to get one from, mine has failed and i need to get it replaced the only problem being that my local electrical shop wants to charge me £80 just for the part thats before every thing gets added for them to fit it

thanks if anyone can help

Hey Jon,

Give this info to your electrician.

The info on the transformer is as follows:


CC 048-00082-A01 60-50hz

PRI:FUSE – 0 - 115v 0-115v


SEC:23.3v - 0 - 23.3v



Hope this helps. This is all the information that is on the actual transformer from M-Audio. Im pretty sure that you will be able to find what you want this way. Or an experienced electrician can find a compatible one.


p.s. according to a valid M-Audio source. “Replacement parts can be ordered directly from our repairs department. You can call 626-633-9050, Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm Pacific Time.” Happy hunting bro!

also, you did check the fuses right? another sidebar. it seems that the studiophiles had issues with the wiring in the past. yours might actually be eligable to send back for new ones. they had a pseudo recall due to shorting out… meaning it might not be the transformer at all. I would deffo contact M-Audio before putting out any money.


hey thanks for your help, i will get onto this right away. they shop that i took it to told me it was a fail transformer, so not knowing much about that side of thigs i just took his word for it

No problem. I definitely would always err on the side of caution and contact the manufacturer. We spend a mint on these things, so when they don’t work, it pisses us off. Hopefully it is just a short and you’ll have a new set soon!


lol its does kinda annoy me as although i’ve had them for 3 years now its probably only about the tenth time i’ve switched them on. i spent most of my time learning to create the music through headphones and when i finally decide to mix a track through my monitors they fail


These are speakers I have. I hope they stay working.