Calvin Harris feat. Ne- Yo - Let's Go (Mr. Machine Remix)

Hey guys!

Here’s a remix i did for Calvin Harris’ newest track called “Let’s Go”.

Any feedback on the track would be much appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:


Nice rework, interesting idea and concept, has a lot of potential.

Ok so most people post up on this section because they want comments and feedback, and just saying ‘i like it’, or not replying if i don’t which i know a lot of people do… that doesn’t help YOU.

I know this as I value feedback as much as the next person, so here is my constructive critism to help you out :slight_smile:

I feel like the vocal gets lost a little bit with the synth though from 2mins. It’s only minor but I’d perhaps look at (or re-look at) the EQ you have on the synth, look at your spectrum analyser to where the main peaks for the vocal pump through them make a small dip in the EQ of your synth where the vocal mainly peaks. You could automate the EQ to turn on and off when the vocal isn’t singing along with the synth if you feel that the synth sounds ‘odd’ with the new EQ dip when the vocal isn’t singing.

You could also try a sidechain on the synth that is activated by the vocal, keeping the threshhold light should help make the dip less noticable, play around with the attack and release but usually I’d say to keep them both pretty fast.

Also the synth lead line does repeat a lot and gets draining on the ear, to get around this perhaps in areas have the synth lead filtered with a low pass filter or a different sound doing the lead melody for a short while.

I’d back up what Rob said.

The main synth is playing out the lead line for a long time. Really could do with dropping out or changing the VST patch here and there for variety and for some tension / relaxation.

And, yes, the main vocal does get a bit lost when the main synth is at its peak. EQ’ing or sidechaining should sort it.

To top of what roben said maybe I am off by saying this since I know vocals are usually kept in the centre, but try some stereo expansion?

The lead is a bit wide but I think it still has a lot of presence in the centre so expanding out the vocals just for the main bits might help?

I am listening on headphones so my stereo perception aint great though!

Thanks so much guys! Really appreciating the good feedback :slight_smile:

I totally agree with you guys, i haven’t got the chance to really mix this song on some good monitors, and therefore the vocals gets a bit lost. I have tried to use some stereo expansion on the vocal, but i felt like i rather wanted it in the middle.

Yeah, the lead line is playing for a long time, i should have switched it up more to get som variation. I will use all off your tips for my next productions!

Thank you so much again :slight_smile:

Should always keep vocals in the middle, the only variation to this is backing and chorus lines which may knock off to the side.

I’d suggest if you’re going to position anything to the side then do the synth line, you could duplicate the channel then shift one over the left a bit then the other to the right a bit, leaving the centre free for the vocals whilst the synth would still be large and present.

I’d defo suggest EQ / sidechain though, that will help a lot, even if you do the above.