Camel Audio - pay as much as you want for Alchemy player

Hope this is ok to post here as it’s a blatent advert for a product but I think this is worth it.

Camel Audio have an offer that allows you to pay what you want for their Alchemy Player and they will donate 50% to charity, and if they hit $50,000 everyone who contributes gets 50% off a soundbank refill.

“Pay from $1 to $100, it’s your choice. At least 50% of the proceeds go to charity.”

Offer & Soundbanks demoed here.

[url=]Logic Pro - Apple

This is your chance to do something for charity, and get something in return other then good feeling.


Wow. Thanks for the tip. I just downloaded it now.

cheers man

good heads up :smiley:

I like the Camel stuff, would defo recommend this, and it’s for charidee mate.