Ok so i’ve been trying to use this to record video and i’ll click record, start doing my thing on Ableton and when i go to click ‘stop’, i find that it wont open and / or i get this orange flashy screen thing going mental and i literally can’t do anything else until i CTRL ALT DEL and try and destroy the program.

In the options it originally was set to ‘Do not record audio’, but that isn’t what i need obviously for music demonstration lol, but the ‘record audio from microphone’ and ‘record audio from mic’ options are the ones that cause the program to crash with the orange flashy screen BS.

If there some trick to getting around this buggy piece of sh*t?

wroked fine for me - ilooked a tut on you tibe 1st

Get in touch with the company’s tech support to answer your question or read their troubleshooting guide.