Can anyone shed some light on this for me? (Hardware in production)

I recently got an access virus b, and only the other day recieved my new soundcard with the midi i/o… i have the virus hooked up and sync’d with ableton, and am having alot of fun with it…

Basically what ive been doing is playing my midi sequence through the virus and recording it as audio when im happy with it, then moving to another midi sequence/layer and programming it, recording it etc…

this is all well and good for making 2minute mess abouts, but when it comes to making a full tune, i think this could get quite frustrating, as once the part is recorded as audio it cant be tweaked, so if i have something recorded and then later on wish id have used the filters or arp gate more, i cant because its already bounced to audio…

is this just the way it is with hardware? if you want to use the same synth for alot of things, just work on one part/layer until it is absolutely perfect as you would want it in the tune, before recording and moving onto the next?

working with hardware makes you commit to your sounds. Thats the beauty of it. You can always throw on effects to try to alter the sound a bit as well if you would like, but generally, I enjoy working with audio better then midi anyways.

do you know anything about multitimbral on the virus b? I have only been using the single patches and tweaking them, recording etc, ive been having amazing results, love this alot more than any vst… but in multi mode, is the idea that i could have a pad, then on top of that have an arpeggiator going at the same time without having to bounce the pad first then move onto the arp and record it separately? Does it all come through the one channel in ableton or is there a way to split each multi part onto its own channel? I only have an m-audio fast track pro so i dont know if this would be possible

I suppose in a way it is better, because you get your part recorded down and you cant tweak it and completley ruin it like you can with a vst lol, but say i have a part recorded with a sound, then have moved onto another sound, and afterwards think i wish i had have used the previous sound in a different part, that would be a nightmare trying to program it again to sound identical, so it has its pros and cons

no, i dont know how to do it. but i think you are trying to separate the voices to different channels of audio. I dunno, how bout google?

You could always make scales with a sound you like over an octave or two and then slice these into a sampler.

At least that way you can maintain some flexibility.

Multitimbral is all well and good but you are then limited to how many audio outs you have. If it just an stereo pair you maybe able to set those to mono then giving you two separate outputs.

I have several pieces of hardware, usually each one will have one purpose for the track

Recording is good! Forces you into a corner and stops you from messing around with something when you’re further down the line

Sorry just read the other posts haha