Can deep/tech house be complex?

I know this may be a sill question. one thing i notice writing my new song is its complex but a lot of tech/deep house isn’t. can it be complex ?

Hey @LSUfan88

That would likely depends of what you mean by “complex” :smile:

You can have a very complex song in terms of tracks number, effects, automation…etc, meaning that your song would be complex in the creation process but in the end it’s what’s coming out of the speakers and delivered to your audience that matters.

So yes, generally speaking, Minimal, Electro , Tech House and then Deep House ( in that respective order ) would probably have less elements to catch the listener’s ears & attention and maybe not too much change/surprise in the arrangement as well, but it could be complex anyway.

Think about introducing quite a lot glitchy or fx sounds in your percs, it could get complex & subtle but in the end it wouldn’t make the listener thinking that your track does not match the genre because it’s a listening habit.

In opposition, if you used too many melodic elements that are really prominent in your track and catch listener’s ears, they would likely say “ok, that doesn’t belong to this genre”.

So question is, do you want/need your music to be put in a box ? Of course you can aim to match a genre or sub-genre if you want to have the chance to please a specific audience or be liked by a specific label.

I really think that music is mainly about creativity and having your own style and don’t forget that sticking/belonging to a specific genre ( and even more sub-genre here ) is becoming harder & harder because of all the already existing sub-genres :smile:

Good question to ask yourself is : do I have to stick to rules & what’s established by predecessors or does my music sounds nice to me and do I believe it could please an audience ? … and just at the end : well, & now what genre could this be putted in ??

Big difference here I think : one is to use an established model that could limit/restrict your creativity, the other is to create what you like and think that sounds good and could also please other’s ears and find where it should belongs… ( if any genre applies… :wink: because one could even be defining a new sub-genre, what about Complex-Tech House !! ) :mask:

So that might not be a so silly question after all !! In fact it’s a COMPLEX one ( LOL ) about producing music like others or creating music :sunglasses:

Thanks brother lol its just i notice alot of people dont like to change it up. idk lol

Yes, that’s right too, some producers are not willing to change because they know it’s working and that there’s an audience for their music ( meaning also potential reconnaissance & revenues ) and music consumers don’t like changes because they are numbed by listening habits, until they got bored and switch to a new genre… Music lovers & listeners are a lot more open I think, but well…this could be a long discussion !! :smile: :sleeping:

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