Can I create soundproof room for music?


How can I soundproof a room for music? I can see different products online for soundproofing room. Which is the best option to select for creating room for music. Please give suggestions.

There are 2 totally different considerations.

  1. Sound Isolation - not annoying your neighbours

  2. Sonic Control - making your room sound good so you really hear whats comin out your speakers.

Sound isolation is really all about lots of mass combined with airtight cavities. The Ideal is Mass - Air - Mass. I.e. Wall - Cavity - Wall. How dense and how thick combined with how much air leakage determines how much isolation you can achieve.

Sound control starts with measuring your room. you can use a reference mic and room eq wizzard.

This will give you an idea of what issues you have in your room then you can start adding absorption etc. to control the unwanted frequencies.

Thanks for your reply. Is there any soundproofing products that we can use for interior of room?

Do you mean like Bass Traps etc.?

check this course out above