Can I have any feedback on my Techno track please

Hi I’m looking for any feedback on my techno track please. Thanking you.

Hi again @CtrlAltDel

Yea, I know, you’re gonna hate me… :sunglasses: :smile:

Last track I told you you had plenty of room but this time you pushed this one too loud…

Next to that the listening experience is interesting here, though this is not my favorite genre of music TBH, this track has got something captivating, there’s a nice “vodooish” sound that you built nicely by introducing elements that fit well together and makes you want to follow the progression around the very typical linear techno rhythm. I could even enjoyed more of these variations or new elements in the mix, like you did around 3:18 after the main break and then around 6:00.

Really a spell in this one, it makes you stick to it :wink:

Have you try to filter some unwanted low & high freq. on the master just by using a high & a low cut EQ, ?
Might be worth to set a first EQ to clean up Lows & Highs in stereo mode following by another one set to Mid/Side mode before going to any compressing/limiting/saturation.

But IMO, it first needs to be re-balanced in levels, your beat is really taking over, it’s hard to do with maintaining a techno rumbling kick IYF style, so you should try to lower this one first and adjust other elements around it after.

On the screen shot below, you can see that the track is still hitting around - 1dB with a -6.1 dB applied at the output of Sonarworks Reference. Lower levels and filtering would bring clarity and some transients back in the mix IMO.

I have not the best monitors and i am only mixing on my headphones so i must be careful what i say/write.
The one thing i would mention is that the hats are to hi or hiss for my taste.
Overall a nice techno track :slight_smile:


Have you investigate on Sonarworks Products ? I’m using very decent monitors with a pair of Focal’s Solo6 BE ( and I’m also still using a pair of Presonus Eris 5 that I started with for a second reference ) + a rather “flat” headphone that also helps a lot. But I have no sound treatment in my room and a kind of wrong placement that I could not avoid in this room unfortunately, and that will lead to room’s modes and monitoring issue. Sonarworks Reference 4 was really a true game changer in this regard, it really helps even if of course, nothing beats a proper room sound treatment, but the cost of it is definitely not the same too.

So yes, it’s really a solution that I would recommend to anyone facing monitoring issues.

Haha no it is great to have some one so active and experienced giving good feedback and advice, so thanks for that. Yeah I looked at my mix with dorough stereo on individual channels and rebalanced my mix. I should of done this from the start but was so excited creating this song a lot what I learnt about mixing went out the window. Which should of not happened. So now I have rebalanced it and bounced it out at about -4 db. I am going to take a look at some mastering tutorials and then try to master it again. I would really appreciate you taking a look when I have done this. Cheers for all the advice.

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Thanks for the feedback. I agree with you about the hats being to loud and they are harsh on this track. I have tried to address this with my rebalancing of the mix and will post the new version as soon as I have done some mastering tutorials to master it better. Cheers.