Can I save my presets from Slate ANA 2 to use with SA version?

Hi all,

Sorry if this has been posted before, I can’t see anything asking this specific question;

As the title really, I love ANA 2 (and Slate plugins too) but I am permanently conflicted as to whether the Slate sub justifies paying for it in perpetuity…

Seriously considering stopping the sub and buying ANA 2 from SA outright as it’s the only plugin that I really couldn’t be without. I know that the Slate presets wouldn’t be available once I’ve switched, which I can live with, but how about all the presets I’ve lovingly crafted myself? Is there a particular way/location to save them in that means I can still use them?

Even if I save them as an .fxp in Ableton, would that work?

THanks very much in advance :grinning:

Hi there and welcome to the forums ! :sunglasses:

No this won’t work, ANA 2 can’t load .fxp files.

  • You can save your custom presets within ANA 2 actually, using the “save as” function.

  • Your Presets are saved into your User Presets Folder then, you can access this from ANA 2 Menu.

01-Open User Preset Folder

So best & highly recommended is to keep a backup of your User Presets folder, but unless you manually uninstall ANA 2, you’ll keep this content if you run the Sonic Academy installer on top of your Slate Digital current install.

Hope this helps !

Cheers :sunglasses: