Can I watch s.a videos using chromecast

Hi guys can this be done? I could have swore the last time I subscribed I noticed an option on the video player or maybe I was seeing things :see_no_evil: lol

Hey @Brendy

Well…Hmmm, simply put : I’m not aware of it :pensive:

S.A team should tell you better but since Chromecast is done to work with special streaming services like Netflix and so on, I’m not sure if this could work.


Could you please confirm this ?? Really not aware about this possible feature, thanks :wink:

I downloaded a browser cast app that’s me up and running :slight_smile:

i know it pops up on the iphone - not sure about the brower support !

You got it to work that way then ? :slight_smile:

Are you able to browse through the vids on the tutorial page as well ?

If yes, could be nice to share which app you’re actually using and if it’s for Android or IOS,
might be interesting for others to know about it. :wink:

Yeah got it working that way, I downloaded a app for my android phone called amaze browser and yeah I can browse through all the tutorials, great job but not sure if amaze browser works on iOS :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your feed back :wink:

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