Can someone explain cpu to me Please

I’m using logic and when I start adding alot of instruments and effects I notice my cpu meter begin to shoot right in to the red region. There are two regions in the cpu monitor. they both are bouncing into the red, not just the bottom one.

What is happening and how is it effecting my music? I would also like to know does my computer have a great deal of cpu or no. I’m not sure how I figure this out. Is this ram or what exactly is this? This is probably something I should no, but I’m still learning. I will appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.

i take it you are on mac, if you are using logic goto the apple at the top left of your screen and click onit and select "about this mac " it should tell you which processor you have and how much memory you have installed.

for instance mine says

Mac OS X 10.5.7

Processor 2 GHz Intel Core 2 duo

Memory 2 GB 667 MHz

I have 2.4 ghz intel core 2 duo

and my memory is 4 gb. Is this what you need to know to tell me if I have an alright amount of cpu or a coolty amount. Also, thanks for the help.

I dont want to know the answer and I don’t care, but are you using a bootlegged/cracked copy of Logic. If you are, many of them are unstable, causing your computer to spike in cpu. I am using a 2.16 ghz core2duo with 2 gigs of ram in Ableton Live and I dont have any issues till I get to 20-25 channels. Thats when I start to flatten tracks and go from there. Regardless of what DAW or Computer you use, you are going to have to learn about CPU management. Learn about freezing/flattening tracks and using your sends/returns to your full capacity. These tools will help you manage your CPU resources. Holla!

you have more that enough system to complete some very big projects with that system.

the only thing i can think of is you are using cracked software, cracked versions of vanguard, massive, nexus, ableton are all massive cpu eaters

logic is not cracked. It is payed for. Massive is not. I set up a dummy song with massive. I was reading about cpu and was wondering how much I had. So, I loaded around 15 to 20 version of massive.

I’m not to sure what cracked means. I doubt mine is cracked because my friend bought it and we installed it on both computers. What makes a version cracked. I know that your not suppose to split software with a friend. Don’t get me wrong on that.

Also, how does it effect your music when your cpu is overloading? It seemed to sound the same.

When you are overloading, you could hear cracks and pops in your music during playback. that could be an issue. I know Logic is pretty CPU intensive as is pretty much anything made by Native Instruments.

Cracked means that a hacker pretty much got into the code of the software and disabled or changed the coding(because its all binary coding anyways) in order to disable the measures that the manufacturer made to prevent piracy.

what kind of soundcard are you running?

I’m not sure. I’ve never purchased one. So, what ever comes with my computer. Should I be looking into a sound card. I understand that I have a lot to learn, so any help is appreciated.

15 to 20 version’s of massive ??? thats more than anyone should ever need to complete a project. take into mind that massive is possible one of the most cpu intensive plug-ins around.

i would possibly only ever use 3-4

if you find you are running out of cpu then you can always use the freeze function on logic or live this will drop the cpu down quite a lot depending on how many tracks you freeze

Do you have anti virus or anti spam etc running. Sometimes they can go a bit screwey with my copy of Ableton. Task manager should help you see if they’re hogging CPU

I run rewire with reason in the song that overloads cpu. I also have some antivirus running. Thanks for all the advice with how to solve the problem. I’m glad we have some intelligent people on the forums. Thanks again.