Can this be done with Simpler?

Ive noticed that in pretty much every synth pack you get like 1 shots or long samples of leads and basses and everything. Now personally i find simpler hella frustrating for putting in these samples and then using it as a synth, its just extremely tedious getting it to sound like a synth, with the samples cutting in and out really weird and having to loop stuff and everything else, it just sucks. So i was wondering how would you load a sample in Simpler and get it to be like a synth and be able to be played like a synth? Or do i really need to invest in a sampler vst?

All help appreciated…

You can get Kontakt for free, although I’m not really sure if it’s any better than Simpler because I’ve never really used it.

Maybe just download it and give it a try as it’s free.