Can we get more music out of the producers please

Phil, Brian any chance with future tut’s you could ask the producers to go into their melody/chord/bassline writing approach? It’s really disappointing to hear “So I’m just going to import this midi file” everytime a new element is brought in. I know it would probably be the longest video but they are always the biggest eye openers. Like the Vince Watson chords video, absolute gold. It happens a lot in the Polar Bears tut’s if I remember right. Massive let down when they do that

agree. some of the vids are great but its always a let down when something pre made is used such as a arp on a preset etc

Problem is it just takes a lot of messing around and experimentation to come up with cool riffs. Can take me hours and hours coming up with cool riffs. Not very intersting viewing.

I think the key thing is that the tutor always clearly shows the midi at some point for every track, so the person viewing the video can see what notes and chords are used to create the
Personally, as long as the midi is shown at some point, then i’m happy.

You’re right Phil but I think that there’s a middle ground. In that it’s always better to have the course tutor going some way to explaining why they think that riff works for them. Talking about the rhythm of it or the steps between notes or the call and response or why it works with ‘this’ synth patch but maybe not with another one (e.g. maybe it needs a fast attack or something).br
So, generally some thoughts on why this riff or chord progression and not another one.

Cool… I’ll pass it along to any artists/tutors to go in to their thoughts on chords etc. hopefully you will see it happen a bit more.

cool thanks Phil

Thanks Phil.

The thing with just seeing the midi is, you see what the melody is, but not the thought process behind it. Nice one Phil

The thing is though, guys, that the thought process is VERY difficult to describe. It can take a LONG time of tinkering to get the chords/progression you want. I recommend or br
Getting into dance music production you must accept that you are becoming an artist. That means practicing in the dark, on your own, trying things out that suck over and over again until you just get better. It’s awful. But STICK WITH IT. It gets better. one AHA! moment after another. br
I’m fine with them keeping that part out. Use the chords they use, then move them around, change the nots, try stuff that suits your fancy a little bit more. Use different sounds, melodies, etc. But please for the love of god don’t ask them to put that part on a tutorial.