Can you do hi hats in Kick2 ..?

Can you do hi hits in Kick 2?

I know you can do pretty good snares and toms.
I’ve searched for tutorials and found the snare one, but not found any tutorials on hi hats.

Hey there @TableT

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Playing around with features like solo/Mute on each click sound as well as the main kick body low end sound + combining the use of the Keytrack feature ( Turning Keytrack on enables the click to follow the pitch of the incoming midi notekey pitch assignment ) + tweaking the internal EQ & Kick length will give you some good options for higher range percussive sound design. You can then use external processing like internal DAW or 3rd party Filters & EQ plugins to further tweak your sounds, either right on your Kick 2 midi channel with your effects placed after Kick 2 or on a new audio channel after exporting or resampled your sound from Kick 2.

Definitely check this tutorial from Mat ZO where he’s putting those techniques into practice :wink:

Hope this helps !