Can't find ANA 2 manual online

Can’t find ANA 2 manual online.

I am trialling ANA 2 and want to read manual.
Since i don’t have dedicated time to read manual on the computer - i want to read manual on the phone while traveling by the bus.

Hi there @middle_color

ANA 2 Manual.pdf is included in the .zip archive that you should have downloaded using the"download the demo" link form the product page here ANA 2 | Award Winning Synthesizer

Once the archive extracted you’ll end up with a ANA v2.0.81 demo folder with the manual in PDF, a READMEdemo.txt & a Mac & PC folders.

If you want to read the manual on a mobile device, you should copy the pdf file on it.

Hope that helps !

Online you’ll find some videos using the Video Walkthroughs link on the product page , it might help getting an overview of the synth features, enjoy the demo :slight_smile:

Cheers !

Sure, copying is an option, i just though i can’t find it online link because i overlook.

Thank you