Cant Find ANA in Ableton Plug In List


I just downloaded and installed upgrade to KICK 2 as well as my first time purchase of ANA. I installed both and did the license load on both. The license file is in the license folder for both in the Library/Application Support/Sonic Academy … and then the respective KICK 2 and ANA folder striations.

KICK 2 and KICK 1 both show in the AU and VST list in Ableton Live. But no ANA. I forced a plug in rescan and closed/re-opened Ableton. Nothing.

I am using Ableton Live 9.7.1. I have a Mac Pro 2013 that is 6-Core and 64GB Ram + 1TB Internal SSD. I am also running latest of macOS Sierra.

Any thoughts on what may be the issue? I know the attached screen shot may not be a huge help, but it might better help illustrate my point. ANA installed. Ableton doesn’t see it.

If you might need to install the 64bit version of ANA which comes in the instal folder.

You are correct. I didnt catch that folder. Thanks for the help!