Can't find Slate Digital presets on Sonic academy ANA 2

Hi, I’m thinking of updating to ANA 2 but can’t find some of the presets on here. I see some producers are using like Sad Trap, Detriot presets which on here I can’t find. If I buy it on here do I have to buy it again on Because they have the presets I’m looking for on there…

Hi there @Latoya

Slate Digital ANA 2 installer comes with their own presets and skins which are exclusively to their customers and requires to have an “All Access Pass” subscription with Slate Digital, you can’t buy ANA 2, presets or skins individually from them.

Those presets from Slate Digital aren’t available from Sonic Academy but we highly recommend you to update your version of ANA 2 to the latest v2.0.98 to benefit from new features, bug fixes and factory presets updates as well as new wavetable for the OSC section ( 57 new wevetables were added in latest versions ).

Hope that’s answering your question :wink:

Cheers !

Ok that helps, thank you for getting back to me.

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