Cant get stabs right

i just cant seem to get stabs right. its really frustrating. been over and over all stab videos on s.a and sylenth stab programming but i just cant seem to get them to fit!!!

looking for something like this. stabs start straight away!

- YouTube

or even like jon fishers shift. the stabs just sit perfectly. please any tips guys

post a sample of what youve made and i could try and help out with some suggestions

sounds like a chord stab, i would start with the amp envelope with

0 attack

80-200 ms decay

0 sustain

50-200 ms release

then for the filter envelope i would use the same settings and fiddle around.

It sounds to me like the filter envelope kinda snaps.

Hopefully this gets you closer to your sound

also i would pitch one of the oscillators up a third or a fifth to get the chord sound :slight_smile:

this might sound really noobish but how do i post a sample on here for a bit of help?

do you have a soundcloud account?


put the stab sound on your soundcloud account, preferably in a loop, take the embed code off the top of the track and paste it on this thread

i export the clip but when i search for it in soundcloud it doesnt come up

upload the sample from your computer to the soundcloud server, and make sure you save it. wait for the waveform to be generated then follow the earlier instructions to post on the forum, if this is confusing look on the help pages on soundcloud, pretty sure im not missing any important steps

im savin it to my computer but its in a midi form

bounce the midi track to a audio file and go through all the steps i layed out, a midi file wont show the sound you have right now

use the amp and envelope settings from befroe but take a third oscillator and pitch it up a octave, detune the three oscillators and put a chorus and compressor after it

nice 1 tommy

let me know how it works out, im at work so im just trying to think of the steps i would take :slight_smile:

thanks for takin th time to help. really appreciate it

[quote]tommyt (04/06/2010)[hr]let me know how it works out, im at work so im just trying to think of the steps i would take :)[/quote]

Glad I am not your boss Tommy :smiley:

i never take a break so my time on the net doesnt affect my work