Cant get those clicky kicks sounding correct :(

Hey guys,

Been trying for a while to get those nice tight clicky kicks most big named producers have in their tracks but i just cant seem to re-create it, ive had a look at most of the tutorials on SA and they have been very helpful but i just cant get it sounding right, ive also tried the vst BAZZism but didnt find it too helpful, maybe its my lack of knowledge on frequencies high, lows, mids etc, can anyone point me in the right direction to learn more about frequencies and those kicks.

Thanks guys.


Have you tried Ultimate Drums yet?

Main Room house has lots of those modern clicky kicks.

No i haven’t ill suss them out now, is there some material i can get a better grasp on frequencies and figuring out what goes with which sound/frequencies.

you can use spectrum in Ableton Live to see what frequencies the stuff you are using is taking up.

what stage are you at with your tracks and what elements are you having problems with?

i think im at about an intermediate stage?, im having trouble just gettin my mix sounding clean atm, heres my latest track what do you recon phil?

Overtemp (Original) - Oh Matt Green [DEMO]-mp3 by Oh Matt Green

I really like your riff… defo potential there.

Your kick is too heavy for this type of track i think. the kicks in that pack will defo help.

at the start you have a higher secondary riff thats playing a similar melody but at different timing… i think it just confuses things a bit.

maybe at the start just use some percussion to get a groove going instead.