Can't install Kick 2 into Logic Pro X?


i purchased Kick 2 and downloaded the program and the registration key, and when I tried running the installer from the Kick2 package, the installer told me that the plugin had been downloaded, but when I opened Logic Pro X, the plugin didn’t show up in the 3rd party VST list. How can I get this to work? I’m using a Macbook Pro with macOS Sierra installed, and I haven’t had problems with installing any other VSTs before. I’m not running my computer off of any external hds or anything. Please help!! Thank you!

SORRY HAHA :smiley:

My bad––I was being stupid and looking for the plugin in the effects folder rather than the instrument folder. I looked in the plugin manager and kick 2 was successfully installed.

Everything is okay :slight_smile: thank you!

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no problem :slight_smile: