Can't install ..... node installer security certificate expired


i’m trying to install node on macos but i can’t because its security certificate has expired…

will there be an update with new certificate?

it’s basic stuff to get right.


Hey there @n4m

Sorry for the delayed reply over the weekend.

Are you receiving a warning message “Can’t be opened because…Unidentified Developer” when trying to run the .pkg installer or is this a different error message ?

  • If you’re getting the “…Unidentified Developer” message, it can be bypassed by a Right Click on the .pkg installer and select ‘Open’ and confirm your choice. You can also refer to this Apple Help Article.

  • If you’re receiving a different error message, have you tried to re-download the installer already and maybe try to use a different archive manager like the free Keka or 7zip to expand the archive.

  • A screenshot of the error message and knowing if you’re on a M1/M2 Silicon Mac or Intel model, as well as your MacOS version would be helpful as well if you’re still having issue after checking the above.

Hope this helps ! Thanks for letting us know :sunglasses:

thanks for the reply ! it was quick

i think it’s a certificate signing problem

as a rule i don’t install without the app passing security checks so i might wait for the update but thanks for the info on how to bypass the security

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There’s no risk to bypass this warning of course, but yep, getting your point, will be reported to SA Team :thumbsup:

If you decide to install the current version anyway and are on a M1/M2 Silicon Mac, then please be aware that the installation will require Rosetta 2 since NODE won’t run in native ARM mode on silicon Apple computers models.

For info SA Team → @bryan_spence

thanks so much Tekalight,

and rosetta2 will be fine :slight_smile:

sorry for being a bit grumpy at the start!

enjoy the week :slight_smile:

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I will get these installers resigned and uploaded - also take a look at getting Applie silicon support on the binaries


thanks !

and apple silicone support would be great if possible


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