Can't install on OS X 10.7.5

Just purchased and I can’t seem to install ANA 1.5 on MAC OSx 10.7.5 with a Core 2 Duo processor. The .pkg successfully finishes installation, but there are no new files I can find that are installed. My ana.license file is also on my desktop as
Please help me. This is a big disappointment.

Have u got plug ins activated? I assume ur using live?

Thanks for the reply. br
I am using Live. Plugins seemed to be enabled. br
What do I need to do after installing the .pkg? br

what version of live are you running 32bit or 64 bit?br
there are separate installers for bother versions of ANA… we recommend 32bit for now as 64bit is giving some people problems.

64 bit. Do I have to adjust any settings after the .pkg file finishes installing? I can’t seem to see any file changes anywhere on my system after.

are you running the 64bit installer? there are 2 installers in the zip. one for 32bit one for 64bitbr

I’'m running 64 bit.

Try 32bit too

Tried both. They don’t
Is there anything I have to do besides the .pkg file?

No should be a simple double click
Could you do me screen grab of your ableton prefrences/files afolders tab.