Can't open Kick 2 wisndow in Cubase

I can’t open the kick 2 window, this is what I see, can’t open the program

Hi there,

Assuming you’re on a MAC looking at your screenshot, could you please try the following and report back ? Thanks.

  • Close Your DAW.
  • Copy/Paste the following line in the Finder Menu → Go → Go to folder… ( or press Shift + Cmd + G )

~/Library/Application Support/Sonic Academy/KICK 2/

  • Once in the user Library KICK 2 folder, delete the Kick 2.settings file.

  • Restart your DAW, launch a new instance of KICK 2 and check if that makes any difference.

If not then could you please let us know the followings details :

  • Your Operating System Name + Version Number.
  • Your computer model ( if on a MAC, is it a M1 Silicon or Intel based Apple Computer ? ).
  • What version of KICK 2 is installed on this computer at the moment ?
  • Your Cubase version Number.

Thank you.