Cant pause the htsl tech trance video

i’ve watched all the htsl tech trance vids through once and want to start doing the tutorial now but there is no play/pause thing on the bottom of the quicktime player which makes following the tutorial a pain in the *rse i’ve double checked on previous tutorials and the quicktime player has the bottom bar so its not a problem my end has anyone else had the same prob??

thanks in advance:)

hi chris,

what OS are you using and what browser.

best results on safari or firefox!

all the videos use the same player so you shouldn’t in theory get any change apart from slight size differences.

i’m on a pc running windows vista and my browser is internet explorer and i’m just using the standard quick time player:) hope this helps…cheers

hi chris i’ve also had this problem using safari bud, install firefox and see if thats any better mate Download Firefox for Desktop — from Mozilla

i’ve installed firefox and its done the trick thanks jon:D

great stuff.

can you tell me what version of Internet Explorer you were using?

i was using internet explorer8 :smiley: