Can't place order

I’m trying to buy some stuff from you guys and it won’t let me! I keep getting an “order failed…something went wrong with your order” dialog. I know I have sufficient money in my account, and this is the same card that I use for my monthly subscription. I tried both with the card directly and through my Paypal. Neither is working. Please help…I’m trying to give you all my money!


This is often just a case that the bank have declined the transaction - if you give them a ring they can lift the block there and then over the phone for you

Hi, I have the same issue!
Both with PayPal and card, I think it’s not a problem of our bank


If the card is the same one as in your PayPal account then i can assure you it is the bank blocking the transaction (usually because of an unusual international transaction)

I made it!
I selected EUR as currency (I’m in Italy) and inserted the card data, then ‘purchase’ and it accepted the payment.
Thank you