Can't play a video

Hey since the last hour i can’t play any video…

I just click play and nothing happen, just updated flash and quicktime… still nothing.

i try to watch this one:

I can play other videos but it stop after 10seconds

No, i’m not downloading anything,
Yes my connexion is usually working great here
Yes i paid my subcription :stuck_out_tongue:

Can someone help me ?

Thanks !

Hello i have the problem .

i back from my office to chill at my home and watch some videos but there is not running the videos


I’m not sure if this was maybe a temporary blip - the videos all appear to be working. can you confirm?

It is not, it’s stopping after 10seconds

can you try right clicking the video and selecting the option to play with flash player
you can also chose the HD stream from here once its loaded

Switching to falsh player works thank you,

I tried it yesterday and everytime i switched there was a message saying flash player collapsed…


All my videos take forever to load and keep stopping throughout to load more… my internet is great. my computer is new. and it all worked the other day.

Hey there, can you check again and let me know the videos that you are having an issue with?