Can't see ANA Synth in Ableton 8


I cannot see the ANA Synth in the list of available intruments in Ableton 8… The ANA.dll file is in my plug-in directory though.


what folder is it in and what is the path of your custom folder in ANA?

special folder VST. ANA.dll here…

could you show me what the file paths are in Ableton preferences/file folder

Vst custom folder

have you tried rescanning your plugins?

didi it ever show up and did you get a crash?

tried everything)))) on a laptop with Win 8 - all works, but on the main computer - no …

could you try setting a new plugin folder and reinstall ANA to that location… just to check some other plugin isint blocking it or something.

no crash

does not help

im not able to watch the video… says its might not be uploaded or something.maybe i need an account to see it? -

I torment you.)))

im on mac and cant play .wmd files :frowning:

we torment each other! :wink:

download this file…

Hmmm very odd.

Could you try right clicking on the installer and run it as administrator.

also could you give me you cpu specs.

P.S. Thank you very much for your support:):):slight_smile:

The minimums system requirements are Windows

Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 512 MB RAM or above.

That could be why its not showing up. I will check with our developer to clarify for you.

Thank you very much)))