Carl Crème - My Lovin' (Roben Remix)

For someone who doesn’t usually do remix competitions this is now my second one this year, but I liked the parts and the particular challenge with it as the parts weren’t ‘raw’, this impossed a new approach and way of trying to do things, it held me back in certain ways and forced me to try new things whilst keeping to my sort of production ‘style’.

The deadline fast approached for me and forced me to spend the whole of yesterday stripping what I’d originally done apart and laying it out slightly different.

I would have prefered to have had some opinions before the deadline so I could have made updates/changes but the deadline was midnight last night and although originaly I had plenty of time to do this, i procrascinated with ideas for too long. The deadline forced me to finish what I had, to be fair i don’t think I’d have finished it if I didn’t have the deadline.

Anyways let me know what you think, it’s up now for the comp and hopefully they’ll like it. I may go back to it and change the vocoded bit, but then again im not sure if i like it or not, that’s the bit i kept procrasinating over haha.

This is really good! I think the vocoder should stay in personally.

Thanks buddy! It’s always re-assuring when you get some positive response, particuarly when you work on something for a long time alone in a dark room. You’re kind of never sure what others will think! hah. :slight_smile:

Sounds a tiny bit sharp and harsh on my speakers on occasion.

Other than that sounds great!

Nice track Roben mate!

The hats sounded a bit harsh in my headphones in some places but other than that it sounds like a really solid track!

I don’t really listen to that genre of music, but I am starting to after these tutorials :wink: so for me it felt like there could have been a bit more variation in places, I kinda got used to hearing the arrangement.

I’m new to this whole producing thing though so I could be way off, it’s just how I felt about it and I wanted to give constructive feedback rather than just saying that I like it as thats what I want people to do with anything I post up so I can learn and hopefully grow! :w00t:

Cheers guys! All valued comments.

agreed, I know the feeling of listening to a track 100 times and no longer having any ability to judge it properly anymore, good to have a new set of ears for advice (: