Cdj vs a to midi controler like the akai apc 40 or vestax 600

im still a bit confused on what should i get, i have ableton live 8 and reason 4 all very good for producing but i want to have a go at djing now ive seen vids on both the cdj and akai apc 40 but i really like the vestax 600 i can cross fade on both an the both have there own effects so what is the diffrence

hey man…

is it the cdj 2000 your looking at.

believe it or not this is what i use to dj on ableton and its perfect for what i wanna do…

it only cost me 60 euro and has more than enough to dj with.

Well CDJ is going to cost you more, however it does give you a more ‘hands on’ way of playing, as well as minimal fuss when you’re gigging at the club (no wires and setting up to f*ck about with when you arrive).

However you can get a controller for your Ableton and it can give you a more ‘producing as you perform’ edge.

The APC 40 is limited as a DJ tool though as you’re unable to modulate two different channels at the same time: ie: EQ

Everything has it’s pro’s and con’s, it really does, i could name for both sides. It’s going to be much cheaper for you to get a controller though. If you get an APC 40, you could also get a secondary controller so that you can MIDI assign your EQs so you can still modulate both channels at the same time.

I have the CDJ 2000s and the CDJ 800 mk2s in my studio, still haven’t got around to playing much with the 2000s yet as only got them this week, but the ‘rekordbox’ software really is top notch. However it really comes down to whether clubs are going to adopt the 2000’s or 900’s anytime soon, because if they dont… you can’t turn up with your USB or memory card and expect to jam your tunes.

Although i’d much prefer to turn up to a club with a hard drive over a bag of tunes or a laptop anyday.

I’m going to buy one of those Numark NS7 things when I get around to it