Cdj with ableton live 8

i want to no if this is a good idea i want some cdjs setup either on there own or with ableton live, now if it is setup up with ableton can u drop samples an loops in the mix on cdj , ive try producing but i think its actual djing i want to do plz help me im a confused

You can, but you’ll have to make sure that you have your ableton perfectly beatmatched to what you’re playing in your CDJs.

Just run it through one of the channels on your mixer.

normally what id do is what roben said… just use ableton as a third deck really

id have a rough idea of the bpm i want to play at.lets say 130 bpm.

start off by playing the first track of the set in ableton at 130 bpm and then mix in a track on the cdj after that.

ableton will always stay at exactly 130 unless i decide to change it.

its much easier than starting on the cdj and trying to match it with ableton.


even beat-matching your first track on the cdj with the metronome on ableton will help.

i hope this helps

i do this allot so if i can help you anymore please just ask

you could get the new CDJ2000’s that do both midi and audio

I believe that If you have the right mixer then there is a midi clock output that ableton can use to get the right BPM. Not sure how accurate it is.

check this out

Ableton - The Bridge

thanks for all the input ive seen some vids on you tube were they just seem to use either the akai apc 40 or the vestax 600 which i really like, so basically can i use one of those just as good as a cdj cus it looks like the do they same thing or am i missing summet, great help so far guys i no i sound like a rookie