Change keys in ANA 2 preset

How do I change the keys in the “I Love” preset in ANA 2. No matter what keys I play in, it stays the same. Also, it keeps playing even after my midi region. has finished.

Hi there @djryangallagher

Check the Chord Memory Device ( CMD ) and ARP settings, by default this preset has CMD turned off and doesn’t use any CMD preset ( pic 01 ), then for the sound that keeps playing after your Midi region, check that “Hold” is disabled in the ARP settings ( pic 02 ). You’ll find more about the CMD & ARP settings in the manual as well.

Other than this and if using the preset as default, it could depends on how you’re triggering Midi to ANA 2 ( use of Midi device like scale, sequencer sending Midi to ANA 2 ?? ).