Change speed of videos

In the future or now :stuck_out_tongue: , would it possible to change speed for video playback. br
Example being what youtube does now and other learning sites like udemy where you able to watch videos at .5 speed, normal speed, 1.5x speed, and 2x the speed. with audio still audible.

would be really useful as sometimes the tutors go extremely fast and its a hassle to keep moving the video playhead back to catch up. The streaming often gets messed up when I do this and again the playhead is finnicky and sometimes jumps forward instead…

Same request here. Someimes I want to watch the same video for a second time just to go through the main points, and it’s quite troublesome if i have to keep clicking around instead of being able to speed it up. Any chance of adding this functionality?

the player will be getting an upgrade in a couple weeks - i think 2x speed is in there