Changing a (sample/ loop) into a differnt key

here is what i am tryn to find out…my vocal is Dflat… so then i load a synth sound or loop into simpler and try to play it in the key of the vocal…it comes out sounding to fast or slow…why is that or am i doing this all wrong…bottom line, i am tryn to match my samples with my vocal…is there another way to do this?

Is your sample warped?

Dropping a sample/loop in simpler or sampler lets you play the sample on different notes. But it also changes the speed of the sample being played.

You can change (transpose) the pitch of the sample by making sure the warp mode is not Re-Pitch, but Complex or Complex Pro. Now the Transpose know and detune slider will work.

thanks 4 the reply… the sounds that im putting into simpler are from sample pac ex…

im am just dropping them into the device from my folder… is this how i should do this? in the simpler devise there is only midi i don’t see the warp options…

any help would be great…


You need to have the vocal sample in a clip to access warping and time and pitch stretching.

i understand i need to have the audio in a clip for the warping options but im am tryn to use the simpler device to change the sample to get the note i want… the audio comes out sounding to fast or to slow. are you sayn not to use the simpler device and to use the transport in the warping section?

That’s exactly what the both of us are trying to explain :wink:

Simpler and Sampler will always tend to change the speed of the sample when not played in the original key.

You can also try to do it in mixed in key though

thanks guys!

you could use the warping in clip view to sot out the pitch etc then consolidate it and put it in to simple if you wanted to trigger it from your keyboard.

did not think about that…thanks;)