Changing ANA 2 Patches with a Key or Midi CC?


When I get a new synth (just bought ANA 2 :smiley:), When possible I create a midi track that loops and issues patch changes either by Key or Midi CC etc and it loops. So it changes patches than plays a note or chord for 4 bars or so. This way I can sit at my desk and listen to patches to get a sence of the synth while working on other stuffs. It would not be hard to add as a feature as all that needs to be mapable is the arrows under the preset selection since that follows the your filters in the browser.

I tried to map a key to them but no go :frowning:. Is there another way? If not I refresh the feature request made with ANA 1 :slight_smile:. Btw Omnispere 2 as one example does allow the mapping of its down and up arrows to a key. It works really well :).



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have put it in the feature requests :thumbsup:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Btw Iā€™m fairly sure a request for this was made for ANA 1 (based on my memory of perusing the forums) some time about a year ago (the exact time Iā€™m much less sure about) ā€¦ but it was some time ago :slight_smile:

Hence the next Wednesday deadline :slight_smile: its time to get 'er done! lol

Old post. However Iā€™d also really like to be able to assign a simple PATCH+ PATCH- MIDI CC code in ANA2.