Changing computers

Hi guys,

I am considering upgrading from my MacBookPro to an Imac and was just wondering if anyone uses the Imac for music production? So far I am looking at a 2.7ghz quad core with 16gb of ram and a terabyte harddrive at 5400 or 7200 rpm but if I can be recommended any specs I would greatly appreciate it. Finally, I was just wondering if it is difficult registering Ableton on a second computer and if it is easy or difficult to transfer all my tunes, synths and samples onto the new desktop?



I use a 27" iMac with a sandy bridge i7

works a treat. the big screen is top notch.

Yeah i was amazed recently just how many instances of some pretty CPU-draining soft synths my friend was able to run simultaneously, on his macbook that is a good couple of years old!

My point is - the processing power of even fairly ‘modest’ computers these days will be more than enough for most people to use, even for something as CPU-intensive as making music.

How times have changed eh - i remember starting out making music about 6 years ago on my old PC that i had a 487 MHz chip in - jesus i had to pretty much bounce everything to audio just to get it to play a track that had more than about 6 tracks in it!!!

my main music workstation is a mac mini with a 2.6 dual core/sandy bridge, 8gig RAM and a 512Gb SSD. Your specs are way over that so I imagine you should have no problem. I do have a brand new mac mini 16Gb 2.7 quad core which I may swap over, or I will just keep using it for fuzzing. shrug who knows, but I have never felt constrained by my last years mac mini.

The big boost, is that SSD. I highly recommend that.