Ok so before i start, lets just get things straight, this isn’t a dig or anything of the sort actually. It’s a question coming from my usual inquisitive nature of social understanding (see topic discussion on socialolgy). I’m only covering my back here because I know people are easily on the defensive over things where there was no need to get on the defensive over.

So lets start… :slight_smile:

I’ve just finished listening (again) to an Armin Van Buuren mix that was ‘live’ recorded from Amnesia in Ibiza this year.

You can hear the chants and cheers of the crowd and something i’ve noticed which i’ve noticed at trance events and in other trance live recorded mixes is that - and it actualy happens a good quarter of the mix by the way - people like to cheer:

“here we, here we, here we fcking go… here we, here we, here we fcking go…”

How did that come about? I’ve never heard that chant before at House events, is it a cultural thing towards trance and if so, how did it actually come about?

Also another one i’ve noticed a lot of is the chanting of the ‘White Stripes - Seven Nation Army’ tune, is there something significant about the seven nation army tune that is why that track in particular is always chanted?

Or what is the story behind it? Or is there no story really in particular, it’s just random?

Chanting seems to happen a lot in trance, but in my social observations it doesn’t really happen too much in other genres.

Although you do hear a lot with the students and younger ages the chants of ‘oooh oooh… oooh oooh’ (can’t really type that how it sounds, but hopefully you’ll know what i mean). That actually makes me shudder when people do that one, haha it’s so cheesy (IMO) :smiley:

On the subject of chanting, it’s obviously a very popular thing in the sport of football, how did that come about?

What is the psychology and sociology behind chanting?

i remember (patchy) 1999 at creamfields everyone chanting “oakey oakey” first time i ever heard that sort of thing.

also do you remember in the nineties people would do that stupid “ooh ooh” thing in a strange way?

i blame the beer monsters! :smiley:

Here is a buddhists view on the history off chanting

As for football - i presume it would stem from when the romans occupied most off europe - th celts used to chant not only to feel as one but to frighten the the romans which was practised all over the world - rembember the film Zulu

So basicaly I would say that chanting comes form religon and warfare

As for the club scene durring the early aciiiid parties you would get a lot off whooping as well as the crusties parties - which is now really only prevails in the trance and psytrance scences so my only conclusion is they must have the best drugs :smiley:

Just found this site

people used to do this alot (probably still do)

[quote]Mussi81 (18/10/2010)[hr]

also do you remember in the nineties people would do that stupid “ooh ooh” thing in a strange way?


Yeah that’s what I mentioned, people STILL do it! Seems to be a popular thing with the youngsters but i’ve never understood how it’s carried on for so many years.

It’s really really really cheesy haha.

I had it a couple of times for tunes i’ve played, the tunes themselves werent cheesy but I just felt so embarrised DJing with chants of ‘oooh oooh’ going on.

[quote]slender (18/10/2010)[hr]s so my only conclusion is they must have the best drugs :D[/quote]

WIN! :laugh:

Apparently the famous Chinese monk of the 7th century, I. Tsing, mentioned that chanting has six benefits:

  1. It enables us to understand the Buddha’s virtues,
  2. It teaches prosody,
  3. It helps to teach language,
  4. It exercises the lungs
  5. It exercises the chest, and
  6. It helps one overcome reservedness while in front of others.

    I’m pretty sure that’s not why people chant today lol

“” I really should read all of the post first"" lol

Ah man, that ‘oooeh oooeh’ think makes my skin crawl. I remember it being ok for like a month in 1994, but after that it just became an easy way to identify idiots, normally of the townie variety.

As for those chants you mention in the OP, I’ve actually heard them on non trance recordings. I think I have a 2Many DJs mix from Pukklepop festival with it going on, the 7 nation army one in particular.

The ‘Here we, here we…’ one I hear more in hard dance. It might be cos it’s actually on a tune now I come to think of it, but that might be a hard trance tune, so might be where the cross over is.

In New York they cheer Armin all the time… cept they just go Armin, Armin, Armin, Armin, Armin… it seems like they do it forever. lol.

The one I seem to come across alot is the “EVERYBODY BE SOMEBODY” from that old track by ruffneck.

I think there was some trance event in Glasgow where a smack head some how got in and start shouting here we here we here we ***** cause he was to out his face…

so now if you hear someone shouting it turn around to them and chant back, wheres ya, wheres ya, wheres ya ***** giro!!!

I blame the Scots lol

[quote]gofunk (19/10/2010)[hr]

I blame the Scots lol[/quote]


hahaha :laugh: