Character Assassination

You have to look back @ the persons posts / threads & basically do a satirical recap on their time spent so far on SA. Exaggerate it.

Make a really over the top version.

Dont reply if you aint got a thick skin - Anything goes. Make it funny cos its true.

If you’re in  - you accept that you can give as good as you’ll get - so take it all in good humour :P :cool:

Throw our names in… I’ll pick the names out of a hat about who gets who.

Just reply with who wants to do it & I’ll get back after a bit.


im in! but then im totaly awesome in every respect!!! :wink: well… except for that time i came on really drunk and had to delete all my threads after.


Hope you appreciate that it gets a bit Mad in here Phil… We expect a lot from you!


I am new but I am in :stuck_out_tongue:

dude ive to contain the embarrassment of being on youtube doing intros to videos etc… try being serious when all the guys in sonic are ripping the piss… theres nothing that you could say that chris or bry haven’t already said to me.

making videos is one of the most awkward and embarrassing things eva.

I Love it!!

Im in :smiley:

[quote]splenda (10/07/2010)[hr]I am new but I am in :P[/quote]

Is that Slender?

[quote]ICN (10/07/2010)[hr][quote]splenda (10/07/2010)[hr]I am new but I am in :P[/quote]

Is that Slender?[/quote]

Yes its my laptop alterego till I can get my account sorted


So I am in and hey that splenda seems an awfully nice chap

Who else is up for this?

[quote]splenda (10/07/2010)[hr]Test[/quote]


Are you in Howie?