Check my mixing and mastering please

Haze ioN - Go Deep Baby! (Mixing and Mastering Experiment #2) by hazeion

This track I threw together was made STRICTLY for the purpose of practicing my mixing and mastering. It’s sort of a Deep House type deal. Anyway. I’ve come the the epiphany that once you get volumes correct, EQing (mixing) is very subtle. I wanted to make a track that sounded fairly balanced.

I mastered it with izotope. maximized it to a decent level without killing the transients. And a little bit of mid/side EQ to clean up the sound, little bit of exciter.

can you guys have a listen and seriously critique the mixing and mastering? what sounds good what could of been changed.

I know a lot of it might just be personal opinion. I FEEL that it came out pretty good. I flip flopped on reducing some of the reverb on the organ sound but opted for what you hear there.

What was used:

Daw - Ableton

Organ - Ableton Electric

Bass - Massive

Pads - Sylenth

Drum - Ableton Drum Rack

EQ - EQ8

Compressor - Ableton Compressor

Mastering - Izotope 4.

the main sounds are focused to the center in my opinion. if i were you i would try a wider lead… but if not the lead, the synth which backs it up.

It sounds a bit dull like it can be brightened up a bit…and the hats can be cleaned up and bit.