Check out this cool Blog

So I am working on the blog idea that started up in a thread in this forum by Sean L...

I was googlin away just looking around and I stumbled upon this blog...


Its a pretty sweet blog. I found an awesome tutorial how to recreate Wolfgang G's lead in undertaker:

On top of that they have loads of info on VST stuff and tutorials for vsts/synths/ableton..

It seems like almost all of the content is based around ableton.

I added this badboy to my favorites because it is totally rich with all kinds of goodies..

Just wanted 2 share with the rest of you..

(I did a search on the forums and nobody posted it before)

Great post bro. I just checked the site out. It’s really nice. I especially like the video with the emulator. I need to have one. :smiley:

Cool blog - already downloading the noise maker on the first page

yeah man. that 1 is real cool. lots of free stuff posted on there.

another cool 1 I found is this:

ableton life has loads of video tutorials & walkthroughs for ableton.

I just read this tutorial… can’t wait to go home and try it.

Damn you UV :smiley:

I really need to sort out my bookmarks again